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Photo Gallery

Tom Ballinger in his office in Oklahoma City, circa mid to late 1980's.

Allie and Joe Ballinger, Tom’s parents, in front of the Berean Chapel in Mobile, Alabama. They are now at rest, sleeping in the Lord, awaiting 2 Timothy 4:1.

Tom Ballinger behind the lectern at the first "Plainer Words Bible Class in Mobile" – 1971. Class was held at Murry Evan's Mobile Youth Ranch’s facilities on Pleasant Valley Road. A few years later the Berean Chapel opened.

A picture of a Plainer Words when it was published as a hard copy. It was a four page product. (click on the picture to see it bigger)

Circa 1974

L-R Sam Huddleston, Ralph Herring, Stuart Allen, Murry Evans

Anniversary meetings at Berean Chapel, December 15 & 16, 1973:
Dayton Hanford of Ft. Meyers, FL, Murry Evans, W.T. Evans, Ray Gockley, Mac McElroy

Some of the ladies who prepared and served the "dinner on the grounds" and refreshments: Alicia Huddleston, Obie WcWhorter, Allie Ballinger, Sharon Ann McElroy, Liz Baldwin, and Francis McElroy.

Group entering Berean Chapel for a Bible class during a Bible Conference.

Leaving a Bible class - Vera Mae Evans, Tom and Gloria Ballinger.

Regular attendees at the Bible Conferences - the Schafers: Phyllis, Dolores, Tammy, Bonnie, Matthew, and Lewis.

At the anniversay meeting: Jim Reale ("new to right division")with Nathan Scharff and Sam Huddleston

At the anniversary meeting:  Mr. and Mrs. Lee Berry from Cabot, Arkansas await the beginning of class

Refreshments after the Saturday night meeting

L to R Front Row: Jennifer Gockley, Melinda Evans, Connie Gockley
L to R Second Row: Robert McWhorter, Mark Evans, Barry McWhorter, Leigh Herring, Patricia Gardner
Third Row: Ralph Herring

Left to Right: Cathy Critchlow, Alicia Ballinger Huddleston

Left to Right: Gloria Ballinger, Marilyn Evans

Left to Right: Unknown, Melinda Evans, Kristy Huddleston, Tom Ballinger
Background: Mark Evans

Left to Right: Tom Ballinger, Murry Evans, Nathan Scharff

Left to Right: Gloria Ballinger, Nathan Scharff, Betty Scharff